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Lurella Mini Fridge
Lurella Mini Fridge
Lurella Mini Fridge
Lurella Mini Fridge

Lurella Mini Fridge

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    Lurella Mini Fridge

    This thermoelectric cooler and warmer is a great way to keep food and drinks cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Perfect to use at home, in your office, or in your car. Wherever you are, you can always enjoy fresh food, drinks, and keep your makeup cool. Easily portable and sleek, it makes a stylish choice for any decor or setting. Our mini-fridges are capable of being powered with a minimum 2A power bank and comes included a USB cord for increased portability. Also includes AC and DC plugs, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The thermoelectric cooler/warmer unit is ultra-durable, eco-friendly, and safe to use. Its semiconductor operation consumes minimal power and uses no compressors, cryogen, refrigerants, or Freons.


    • At home- keep snacks, drinks, and makeup compact and secure, while being heated, or cooled.
    • Great for picnics, camping, and other trips when cold drinks and warm food are a necessity.
    • Keep your makeup fresh and cool during hot days.
    • Great for dorm rooms, vacations, and the makeup lover in your life.

    Work Performance

    To achieve the best results, allow 2-3 hours for the refrigerator to reach cooling temperatures. This thermoelectric cooler and warmer is not designed to heat cold food, this unit only preserves hot foods at a warm temperature. However, this unit does have the ability to heat some foods that are semi-cool if given a minimum of 2 hours. With proper use, this thermoelectric cooler and warmer unit can preserve the temperature of food, warm or cold, all day. NOTE: Ambient temperature refers to the temperature of the surrounding air. For example, if the unit is used for cooling and your immediate surroundings are 75 degrees F, then the unit will keep contents cool anywhere between 35 - 40 degrees F.

    Operation Guide

    1. First, make sure the switch on the side of the refrigerator is set to OFF, and then insert the power cord into the unit's socket.
    2. Cooling: Set power switch to COOLING operation. The green indicator will indicate when the unit is in cooling mode.
    3. Heating: Set power switch to HEATING option. The red indicator will indicate when the unit is in heating mode.
    Vehicle Operation
    1. Vehicle engine is required.
    2. Plug the DC cord into the back of the unit.
    3. Insert the other end of the DC power into the vehicle's cigarette lighter outlet.
    4. Move the power switch to the DC side.

    Household Operation

    1. Connect the AC power cord into the unit's socket.
    2. Insert the other end of the power cord into the wall socket.
    3. Flip the switch to the AC side.

    Warner and Notice


    1. Prevent the unit's fans from getting stuck. If the fan is stuck, the unit can overheat. Do not put towels, clothes, fabric, etc. on the unit.
    2. Make sure the cord is inserted into the socket snuggly, and not loose. Not properly connecting the cord may result in a short circuit and may cause a fire.
    3. Keep the unit away from flammable items and wet conditions to prevent damage and/or fire.
    4. Do not take apart or tamper with the unit's design.
    5. Allow 30 minutes to pass before switching from cooling to heating mode. Do not switch modes abruptly.
    6. Do not rinse the unit with water.
    7. Prevent the unit from being turned upside down.
    8. Do not drop the unit.
    9. The appliance is recommended to be on no more than 10 hours at a time. Going over this time period may result in damage to the unit.